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Who Is Mizz Lady Red ?

Anastazia Medina (Born March 9th, 1984) best known as Mizz Lafy Red or as the First Lady of Crews– “The Centerpiece”. Class and Sophistication meets Bold Defiance. Born with a multi-racial heritage, her father being African-american and Native-american (Shinnicock) and her mother a Caucasian and African American woman. Born in Long Island, New York and raised in Florida. She left New York to move to Florida at age , and came back to Long Island, NY at age 15. She developed a love for music and and writing poetry at an early age. Soon after poetry, her lyrical craft began to emerge and she began rapping. Only as a hobby, Mizz Red began talent shows with friends at local schools all throughout her middle school years. She started rapping in 6th grade where she composed her first song “Imagine” as she called it. Back then she was the first lady of a crew known as “The Godfellas”.

As a freshman in high school when “Stazia” moved with her mother back to New York, she quickly found a new group of friends who shared her hobby. As a fresh face with a sexy yet lady like manner and love for the color red it wasn’t long before she was given the name “Lady Red”. As she grew so did her interest with music and film. Red took classes in both television and audio production while attending High School. Although learning what was involved behind the scenes Lady Red was never strictly “behind the scenes”.

Sometime after school Lady Red went back to where she she started with rap. Starting locally on various mix tapes and features with other local artists she developed an audience. She’s done features with Styles P, Bully from D Block, Vado, and Jae Millz. She then began her solo mix tape project entitled Red Sweat Tears hosted by Dj Ames and co-hosted by D Blocks Poobs. Here she gets personal with tracks such as “This is me R.E.D.” and “Don’t leave”. Expect a classic mix tape that can take you deep from the heart to the streets, and then even to the club. J Lounge’s underground heat in the UK states “every track grabs me here” “her vocals slide over every track whatever the beat, fast or slow”. Grindmodeconnect.com states of the mix tape “Strong Island’s Lady Red spits with assurance and panache, bringing clear wordplay and genuine rhyme skills to bear” and ” Satisfyingly on-point with her rhymes, Lady Red shows that real hip-hop exists, and that the ladies are far from being locked out in a circle of “sugar and sleaze”. As this mix tape shows, Lady Red likes the mix of one extreme to another, combining edgy vibes with classy, sexy sounds, touting both Lady Red and her music as an avant-garde compilation.


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